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Ownership & Licensing of Affiliates.  Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is the sole owner of Senior Market Sales, LLC.  Senior Market Sales, LLC is the sole owner of Insuractive LLC and Sequent Planning, LLC.  Any insurance referenced on the Retirement Planning Center webpages is offered through Insuractive, LLC, which is a licensed with the applicable state insurance regulators as an insurance agency.  Any investment advisory services referenced on the Retirement Planning Center webpages are provided through Sequent Planning, LLC, which is registered as an investment adviser firm with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Please note that (i) Sequent Planning does not offer insurance products or provide legal, tax or accounting advice, and (ii) Senior Market Sales, LLC is not an investment adviser and does not provide investment advisory services nor investment advice about securities.

Conflict of Interest.  Due to this affiliation and the corresponding financial incentives of Senior Market Sales LLC. and Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. to receive profits (i.e., revenue less expenses) of these subsidiaries a conflict of interest which biases the objectivity of their advice about or referral of Sequent Planning and Insuractive. A prospective client is under no obligation to visit the website Retirement Planning Center or utilize the investment advisory services of Sequent Planning, and the prospective client should conduct his or her own due diligence before engaging Sequent Planning. 

While Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. and Senior Market Sales, LLC have full confidence in its affiliates and their services, any client of one affiliate is not obligated to use the products or services of any other affiliated company.

Additional information about Sequent Planning and our investment adviser representatives (referred to as “Advisors”) is also available online at or You can view our firm's information on these websites by searching for Sequent Planning or by our firm CRD number 160381


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