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Financial Wellness Programs for Your Group

We provide financial literacy programs and personalized planning services for every group – from employers to professional organizations – no matter the size or budget.

✓ Interactive website with mobile access
✓ One-on-one consultations via chat, call or video meetings
✓ Financial awareness and literacy programs

The Financial Literacy Crisis

The Financial Literacy Crisis

Finances are the single biggest stressor for employees. But the problem isn’t always a lack of money – it’s a lack of knowledge about money.

• More than 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck1

• 64% of employees earning more than $100,000 a year said financial stress has affected their productivity at work2

• Nearly 60% of Americans want financial advice but don’t know how to get it3

Financial Wellness Is One of the Fastest Growing Group Benefits

Financial Wellness Is One of the Fastest Growing Group Benefits

When you improve financial literacy within your organization, everyone wins. With a financial wellness program you can:

• Lower employee stress

• Help employees thrive

• Reduce health-care expenditures

• Improve standards of living

• Attract and retain employees

• Lower absenteeism

• Improve productivity

• Reduce worker’s comp and disability claims

• Help clients achieve secure retirements

Retirement Planning Center<sup>&#174;</sup>: Financial Wellness Done Right

Retirement Planning Center®: Financial Wellness Done Right

Unbiased – Financial guidance supports the employee’s best interest, with no product-pushing

Configurable – Programs are customized for each company and personalized for every individual

Diverse – Literacy materials and consultations meet the diverse needs of individuals, no matter their stage in life

Global – United States and global program parity with localized digital tools, interactive education, and local financial experts


Options for every individual — whatever their stage in life, income or financial literacy level

Use the chart below to determine your best place to get started.

For:Individuals with basic questions and limited assets and financial knowledgeIndividuals with more-specialized questions, some assets, and basic knowledge of financial planning conceptsExecutive-level individuals with advanced planning needs, concentrated stock and more-complex financial planning needs
By:Financial CoachesLicensed Company Advisors
(See Note 1)
Network Advisors serving as personal CFOs (See Note 1)
 What we do:
What we do:✔︎ Answer general financial questions
✔︎ Help individuals build foundational knowledge:
  • Budgeting and saving strategies
  • Debt management
  • Emergency fund savings
  • Setting goals
✔︎ Answer more in-depth questions on specific needs of the individual
✔︎ Help individuals strategize a plan:
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance review
  • Investment help
  • Retirement income planning
✔︎ A personally matched network advisor acts as a financial quarterback to:
  • Offer financial solutions for busy professionals
  • Help solve complex financial investments
  • Support advanced estate tax planning
How:Live chat, call, or scheduled video meetingSchedule a meetingRequest a personally matched network advisor
Note 1: Financial planning including investment advice and recommendations, if requested, are provided by a securities licensed professional. A separate agreement and related disclosures will be provided if you decide to proceed with an individual professional.


✓ Customized pricing to fit your budget and needs

✓ Optional upgrades available to enhance the benefit offering, including:

• Custom benefit training materials

• Incentive prizes

• Single sign-on

• Benefits portal

• Multiple languages

• Account connectivity


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